For residents of the northern region of the United States, it is normal to see icicles throughout wintertime. They add a unique aesthetic and beauty to buildings. However, could icicles really be a tell-tale sign of poor insulation?

A few icicles forming sporadically generally are not an issue as water will run off the roof from snow melt and as the temperatures drop, the stream of water can freeze and form an icicle. Ice dams can also occur. Ice dams are essentially frozen blocks of water that form in gutters. Poor ventilation can cause ice dams as does poor insulation because ventilation prevents an attic from getting warm enough for snow to melt on the roof, with the exception of the south facing areas of a roof that receives ample sunlight all day.

Preventing Icicles From Forming

Icicles usually are unavoidable. But the damaging effects of ice dams, most certainly can be prevented with proper insulation. HomePros Insulation contractors Rockford, a home service company that advises if you have an issue with insulation, it is best to hire a trained professional to assess your attic. They will be able to know the different insulation techniques and choices that can help prevent ice dams from forming. Taking photos of current ice dams or sharing the location of them with a technician is the best route to go.

Why Should You Keep Your Home Insulated?

The answer to this question may sound obvious but aside from the fact that it will allow your home to keep you warm and help prevent your pipes from freezing. But it goes deeper than that. Insulation helps keep the air in your home at the right temperature, this is critical for preventing condensation from forming behind your walls, which prevents mold. Mold can be disastrous to your home. It can lead to allergies or allergic reactions, pests can infiltrate and more. Not insulating your home presents opportunities that are detrimental and costly over the long term.