When anyone has the desire to start a business, the first ones that come to mind for most are the most widely known – restaurant, construction, open a franchise, lawn services, even a lemonade stand comes to mind. Others may mention consulting services, or coaching. The amount of business models out there are truly endless. Today we want to discuss the yard services company, which is not limited to just cutting grass like some may believe.

The Earning Potential of Lawn Service Companies

The folks are generally the people that look down upon this business model, while they are few and far between, but it is usually from their corporate drone cubicle where they might make that measly $50,000 per year salary at the expense of sixty hour work weeks. These people are usually miserable individuals who are the personality type that thinks they know everything about the world, and while they may be well educated and know a lot, they have not executed on anything. Meaning they have not taken the entrepreneurial risk beyond buying themselves a laptop so they can sit on forums like reddit and comment their worthless opinion on YouTube.

The Highest Earning Landscape and Lawn Company is Over $2 Billion!

Here’s the bottom line, if you are a person who has any interest in a lawn or landscape related business, the earning potential is essentially no limit. As shown in the Lawn and Landscape Magazine Top 100 Landscape Companies list of highest earners. These are voluntary entries to be placed onto this list, as revenue data for private companies is not shown publicly.

Take that guy who is sitting in his office miserable but making $50,000 per year, looking down upon the young hustler out there grinding with his landscape or lawn care company. To say that a seasoned lawn care entrepreneur who puts systems in place to automate his business can easily rake in $100,000 PER MONTH (profit that goes to the owners pocket, less taxes of course) while maybe working a couple days per week. As long as they put the right protocol and management personnel and systems for the entire operating procedure of a company, it is absolutely doable.

You will encounter naysayers and doubters though.

“Do not let a doubter say otherwise – especially the doubters a young or new entrepreneur will encounter within the green industry.” – Lawn Dethatching Near Me owner, a national lawn dethatching service company.

Many of these doubters are yard care and landscape company owners who reach a level of mediocrity in their business, meaning their basic needs are covered and they maybe can afford some toys for fun on the weekend, but they either don’t understand or they place fear on, the investment of growing their company, because it frankly is daunting. But is it worth the work and financial risk? Is earning even $10,000 a month on “near autopilot” worth it? These businesses are not going anywhere, and a well managed business can easily provide income for years to come. How about $50,000 per month? Or step it up the 6 figures per month rate, it is all possible and with a ton of effort, focus, working smart and hiring the right people and ensuring your employees and clients are treated right.

This video delves more into the process of taking a lawn and landscape business and growing it to the 6 figure range.