When it comes to starting a business, one of the most popular types is a lawn care company. Specifically due to the ease of entry for most. One can get started with less than $100 with a little ingenuity, focus and resourcefulness.

Don’t Buy Equipment Yet!

There seems to be a stigma in the lawn game that a contractor starting out should focus on acquiring a fleet of equipment despite the fact that no one seems to think twice in regards to how that equipment is going to make any money without a customer willing to pay for a service. If you do not have customers, you have no business buying equipment.

Focus On Small Installation Services

So many want to start out with doing lawn maintenance work, however that requires equipment that can be more expensive. The best start is small landscaping installation projects that can be done with a couple shovels, rakes and wheel barrows. These would be jobs like planting shrubs, installing edging and mulch into the landscape beds.

Provided that you have a truck to use, one could meet with the client to take measurements, send over the proposal that you created with free software, create a contract template (a bunch for free available online), collect the 50% down payment from the client. Just like that you made money long before the guy who is obsessing over having the right lawn care setup.

Take some of the funds from the deposit payment and invest into equipment needed for the job. Wheel barrows, shovels, pitch forks, tape measure, marking paint just to name a few things. Next, you will purchase your materials – shrubs, flowers, mulch, fabric, edging and so forth.

Use The Deposit To Invest In Equipment = No Out of Pocket Costs

Depending on the scope of the job, a 50% deposit should cover more than enough for materials and your initial equipment. If you are getting material such as mulch, see if delivery is available for the volume you are purchasing.

After the project is completed and you collect the remaining 50% balance, you will have a good amount of money left over as profit to do what you’d like with it. Whether that is market to get new landscaping jobs (recommended) or market to get lawn care clients and then purchase equipment.

That is the proper way to start an outdoor services company, installation jobs first, then invest in maintenance for the recurring clients.